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BA., Psychology
BA., Communications and Media Studies






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Murdoch University
May 2014 - October 2016

BA., in Psychology, BA., in Communications and Media Studies

The education at Murdoch allowed me a chance to delve into the various prospects in the field of psychology with multi-faceted modules addressing areas such as Cognitive and Abnormal psychology, Biological and Social bases of behaviour,  and Statistics. Several of which I found myself obsessed with,  and achieved distinctions and high distinction grades.

Nanyang Polytechnic
2010 - 2013

Diploma in Digital Media Design (Games)


The diploma was mainly specializing in 2d and 3d design aspects of games, such as character and environment design, but I also learned about gamer psychology, animation, video and photo editing, website design, and html. Electives included Entrepreneurship and Public speaking, both of which I found to be remarkably beneficial and passionate about.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
2003 - 2009

Arts for GCE "O" Levels Examination


Studies at NAFA was done on a part-time basis throughout most of my primary and secondary school years. Lessons revolved around fine arts and the occasional craft projects. Throughout my course of studies there, I gained valuable insights into how creative exploration facilitated better mental health for myself and influenced me to be a firm supporter of expressive therapies. 


Chong Boon Secondary School
2006 - 2009

Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level (GCE 'O' Level)


I graduated with good results and enjoyed English, Literature, Home Econs, and Sciences. During my last year, I realized I had interest in Psychology, specifically what influences human behaviour, and had started learning what I could. Being part of the symphonic band honed my discipline,  incorporated in me a healthy respect and understanding of how "hard work will soon pay off" with the chance to perform overseas in Disneyland.

Ang Mo Kio Primary School
2000 - 2005

Primary School Leaving Examination Certificate (PSLE)

Holding a co-curricular activity, being a youth cadet in my school's red cross unit, saw various opportunities for visitations to old folk's homes. These visits inculcated good habits in me, to respect our elders, humility, and showed me that helping others can bring joy to ourselves. 

Tiger Courier, Admin Coordinator
May 2017 - Current


  • Provides support to customers and staff. Facilitate processes, standards, and procedures for the overall day to day operations and administrative services.

  • Responsible for addressing all customer queries (via email, phone, or in-person)

  • Determines customers’ needs and establishes rapport by asking relevant questions and listening actively to the responses, researching and developing new services and methods, and resolving problem situations.

  • Handles all customer relation issues in a gracious manner in accordance with the company’s policies while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

  • Manages a fleet of delivery personnel and ensures delivery details are disseminated accurately and fulfilled on time.

  • Manages, digitizes, and updates all corporate documents, customer databases, and basic bookkeeping.

  • Works with management to brainstorm proper division of responsibilities in order to cultivate a positive and collaborative work and customer service culture.

  • Guides company actions by researching, developing, writing, and updating policies, procedures, and guidelines, determining continuing needs which resulted in a growth of customer base, and increased customer retention.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Rein Biotech, Event Sales Associate
14 - 15 Apr 2017


  • Interacted with more than 100 customers throughout the event, increase brand awareness and customer base by providing personalized product guidance, resolving issues, and providing general knowledge regarding customer's needs and product industry.

  • Developed expert-level product knowledge of product line and drove sales through upselling products based on customer's past purchases and preferences.​

Escape Hunt Experience, Part-Time Game Master
Feb 2015 - June 2015


  • Check customers in and take care of payment account and billing issues ​

  • In charge of the overall experience of groups playing an escape room by building player rapport by briefing customers on safety procedures, rules of the game, and story for the room, interact and assist players with any and all in-game issues by analyzing and providing hints and solutions.

  • Monitor customers, small or larger corporate groups, paying attention to detail as they play our room games.

Swarovski, Part-Time Sales Associate
Sept 2014 - Feb 2015


  • Provided superior customer service to customers and enthusiastically sold high-end jewelry lines

  • Ensure proper presentation, organization, storing and replenishment of stock

  • Gave customers outstanding support by understanding their needs, recommending the right products, services, and resolved customer issues as they arose.

  • Completed all cleaning, stocking, and organizing tasks in assigned sales area

  • Consistently outperformed monthly sales target 

“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from
bad judgment.” 

― Rita Mae Brown, in Alma Mater

Nov 2016
  • Taught children and youths creation of their own games and animated stories through simple coding using Scratch.

  • Ability to build rapport with and facilitated games with more than 10 children and youths.

  • Successfully calmed down and reduced conflict amongst a group of children during an intense outdoor game.

Volunteer Activities

Ocean Rescue Group
June 2016
  • Rescued, retrained, and rehomed a dog rescued from the pound.

  • Taught the dog socialization skills, tricks, and basic manners such as walking politely on the leash, not to jump on humans, or to beg for food.

  • Attend adoption drives, screened potential adopters to find the most fitting environment and owner characteristics for well-being and easier adjustment for the dog.

YouthCorps, Be My Friend Carnival
14 Jun 2017, Rainbow Centre Singapore
Volunteer Befriender
  • Engage children with special needs and ignite their interest in working with people ​through activities such as arts and crafts, storytelling and station games.


Alyson is a highly motivated psychology graduate, holding excellent grades in subjects such as Cognitive Psychology, Social Bases of behaviour, and Human Development.


She is a presentation and public speaking enthusiast,  due to her passions about learning and conveying to the masses information and skills crucial to a life well led.​

You can find her enjoying a good workout on a nature reserve or seated with friends and family, engaged in an intense game of Munchkin or Cluedo.

Being an opportunist and believer in lifelong
learning, Alyson is currently learning the ropes of
e-commerce while running a small scale pet product business online. 

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”
― Plato, The Republic


“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill. Despite the lack of success stories, the experiences I gained on the way tells a different story.


“If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.” 
― Shannon L. Alder


An avid fan of puzzle and board games. I always find time to engage in these games with my family.


There's happiness to be found in experimenting with new recipes and finding fresh ways to excite my taste buds.  

Sports & Adventure

I enjoy pushing my physical limits through sports such as squash and cycling. Nature trails are my guilty pleasures.


Perusing the fictional, science, and self-help aisle in a library (digital or otherwise) is something I relish in. 


Responsible pet ownership is a cause I believe strongly in. This passion has allowed me to amass experience in pet training, behaviour, and nutrition.




English (Native)


Hokkien (Dialect)


Soft Skills

Communication & Interpersonal

Courses on psychological first aid taught me the ability to practice active listening through giving attention and paraphrasing to show empathy and understanding. It has always given me the necessary skills to handle stressful situations in a professional and calm manner. A friendly disposition, show of understanding, respect, and open-mindedness, coupled with the capacity to receive and give feedback helps facilitate a better two-way conversation.


Analytical Problem Solving

Coursework in psychology has allowed me to be a critical thinker and researcher. I am able to collect and evaluate information before arriving at an informed decision based on the findings in a timely manner. Both my studies in the creative arts and interest in puzzles have assisted in furthering my creative and methodological problem-solving skills.


Team Player & Leadership

I work well in teams as I am able to compromise or lead, as required by the team members. Communication skills boost better collaborative behaviour such as the ability to highlight and capitalize on team member strengths, facilitate discussions to better solve problems.


Technical Skills



Autodesk Maya






Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Excel


Academic Writing



Public Speaking


Psychological First Aid
John Hopkins University, Online

Learn to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition.

Working Effectively with Youths
Social Service Institute, Online

Learn basic skills and techniques required in building an enjoyable volunteering experience with youths through understanding characteristics of youths, different methods of youth engagement, and cultural sensitivity.

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